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Your ragged breathing filled the room other then that nothing but silence. You wouldn't dare look back at the man behind you, His smirk was burning into you that cocky look fill his face you could just tell from the silent atmosphere

Suddenly your phone went off you reached over and grabbed it looking at the caller ID S-H-I-E-L-D  shined from the phone and you looked at your wrist your bracelet was burning red “Damn it” You cursed under your breath.

“Hello..” You stood from the bed and made your way to the bathroom shutting the door behind you leaving the prince on your bed

“Ms.(Name) is everything alright? We are glad you answered the phone if not we would have sent in some agents to check on you”

“Oh no everything's fine just a out you know gotta be able to keep up with the avenger’s bull” You lied through your teeth, you sure as heck couldn't tell shield you had the prince of Asgard in your bedroom removing childhood scar’s that's for freakin’ sure.

“Alright have a nice day”

“You too”

Anger filled you as you slammed your phone down onto the bathroom counter and opened the bathroom door you had grabbed a bathrobe before leave which you were now tieing the waistband around yourself “Are you crazy or just stupid”

He chuckled and leaned back on your bed “Why are you even here first of all!” He just stared at the ceiling a smile on his face “Answer me”

“You have power don't you” He turned to look at you that same smirk you've learned to hate but shiver at looked at you.

“excusez moi?”

He sat up his hair flowing with his movements he faced you and sat still “power something only commanders have someone superior to others something that have people scared of you something i want”

Looking at him in confusion he stood and sat a hand on your shoulder “I’m surprised they gave it to a woman” Anger filled you once again this sexist douche bag

You grabbed his hand quickly pulling it over your shoulder turning and slammed him into the floor you sat on top of him your feet holding his arms down and your handheld a gun to his forehead “Don't cross me that's the last thing you want to do alright”

“You know I could blow your head off and call it into shield as a completed mission” You smirked at him grinding the gun into his forehead of course making a mark “Wanna say goodbye to your family later or should I write them a letter” You lowered your voice in a taunting way “Prince Loki..”

"Odin would have your head" He hissed at you

"Ha! After what you've done he'd probably throw me a party" You laughed back at him

Your finger toyed with the trigger taunting Loki till your phone went off you recognized that ringtone from somewhere "ugh Tony what!" you answered

"Hey doll face Fury chewed me out thanks to you thanks so much for that" Tony's sarcasm pissed you off a little but you still dealt with it

“Yea whatever I’m kinda...” You looked down at the prince who was sneaking glances under your bathrobe and smirking up at you making your face go red “...dealing with something at the mom- AURGH”

Before you knew it Loki had you pinned to the ground one hand pinned and your legs completely trapped under him one hand still held the phone to your ear, Your body tried its best to get the man off of you causing you to groan in frustration “Woo if you were that type of busy you could have told me”

You shot the phone a glare as if you were looking at the actual Tony “Oh my god Tony just get off my ph-AHH!” Loki had pinched your thigh letting out a low chuckle

“Fine fine i'm going! have fun (Name)” Staring up at the god in annoyance

“I don't like other people talking to what I've claimed to be mine” He kissed your neck and stood walking towards the door 

You scurried looking for your gun but when you got a hold of it and shot towards his direction he was gone the bullet flying through a vase making it shatter onto your floor you groaned and dropped against the wall 

Until next time my dear (Name)”  

His voice rang through your mind you sank deeper in anger......or was this depression who cares you just knew next time you meet you would kill this so called god and kill him with your bare hands

Wassup guys! so I hadn't uploaded in a while since I'm busy finishing my cosplays for Florida Super Con

Alright don't worry Tony fan girls you'll have your Tony time for the next few chapters hehe and a extra special time with Tony

Sorry this one is short! dont worry next one will be better

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But I really do love your story Missing You It's very different from other fanfictions and most definitely immensely intriguing :eager: 

Thanks for deciding to write another chapterSquish Hug 2 -  The Eye Poke 
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