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His words rolled off his tongue with ease, They sounded so seductive and flirtatious yet calming. You could tell something was off about this guy he sounded so close but so far at the same time.

You sunk back into the water bubbles covering your upper body as the water created ripples at your sudden movement, Your legs hung out the end of the tub crossed.

Admiring your pedicure you knew that it would be ruined by your combat boots.

“So do you mind telling me why you're locked up like a dog?” You questioned bringing your cup of tea to your lips drinking to the soothing liquid.

Being the God of Mischief and Trickery has its fortunate yet unfortunate days, I’m astonished you didn't hear or see what I did to that dreadful city, The man of Iron told me I was plastered all over the television and internet, What have you been living under the dirt for the past few days

Chuckling you placed your cup down and grabbed your phone, You almost instantly started typing “Close, but wrong I was in Texas dealing with a little problem. I heard that the avengers had destroyed the city, Tony told me it was because of some asshole no offence but nothing more. Eyepatch locked all the private files I couldn’t even hack through I almost went crazy trying to get through! Shield’s firewall is too strong.....AH HA! found it!”

Found what?

“Loki God of Mischief brother of Thor, Adoptive son of Odin and Frigga, Evil cunning and mischievous he bares the name Silver tongue ooh what a nice nickname”

You could hear him laugh at your little discovery.

It also bares 2 meanings

“Oh what a flirt but sorry doll, I’m not interested in men locked up in a glass case”

So hurtful!~ oh I realised something you never gave me the honor of giving me your name

“(First Name) (Last Name) age 27 completely female 2nd in command Director of Shield, I like leather, going under cover, hacking computers and guys with long hair”

Smirking you placed your phone down and stood of the water, puddles started to enlarge at your feet with each drop of water falling off of your body.

"Now my dear what is this?"

You shot around as you felt something trace your back, your (E/C) eye met Green ones (or blue whatever your head canon is) they burned into your body as he watched you're shocked expression.

"How did you even get here.." You managed to whisper into the silenced air the only sound was the draining water in the tub.

He placed a finger under your chin and lifted it closer to his face "Do you truely think a simple glass prison can hold me"

Your body shuddered as you listened to his voice it was more clearer now and closer then before you shook your head "Now tell me what are these that mark your perfect untouched skin"

Loki leaned you over the counter of your sink slowly and touched the scars and markings on your back, you could feel him trace everything with his finger tips.

"wait WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" You blurted out grabbing a towel and wrapping around your body tucking in the loose end storming into your bedroom.

He sighed and pulled you back taking a good grip on your face and waist "Tell me now"

Your eyes started to water but you quickly blinked them away "I fell down the stairs"

"You're lying"

“Fine, when I was younger all of Tony’s ‘little fangirls’ would beat me up everyday one day they got ahold of a branding iron and a knife they held me down and did that to me..”

He slowly held you tighter “How dreadful”

Loki turned you around running his fingers from your upper back all the way to your hips. His hot breath made you drop your towel, you yelped and tried to cover yourself your body felt stiff "Please do not move my dear"

Suddenly you couldn't move, Your arms felt heavy and your fingertips felt numb "Loki what the absolute hell are you doing!" You screamed as he slowly pulled you on your bed your backside completely exposed to him.

"Virgin's are treated as Queen's in Asgard my dear they have skin like that of a porcelain doll, So just one tiny flaw on an unclaimed, unsoiled woman should be a crime" You blushed as his words "Taking away a woman's soft pure skin is like taking a Queen's crown"

You could feel a stinging feeling on your back it spreaded through your whole body it became more intense by the second, You cried out making Loki flinch.

He whispered under his breath barely loud enough for you to hear.

The pain disappeared and was replaced by pure bliss.

You held back a moan as it became more pleasurable the feeling ran through your body so quick it hurt not to cry out.

It ran a shock through your lower abdomen

It felt like a knot was forming in your body.

"Let me give you back your crown (Y/N)"

You couldn't hold it anymore.

The knot broke.

"AHH~ Loki~~"
HEEEEY so yea if you dont understand the ending read the following below

Loki study's spells so he can easyly heal someone with just a little magic but the reader's scars are huge and her burns were intence so when Loki tried to heal reader-chan it becomes to painful for her to bare resulting him to use a pleasure replacement spell OHONONONO reader-chan is a virgin so she came without being touched PFFFFT XD but who wouldnt your naked on a bed with a sexy god on top of you

Alright Comment if you liked and if anything tell me how I can make my future chapters better!

Should I put mature content or no? it idnt really anything bad

This one kinda sucked though

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VoiceofTomorrow Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2015
So u saying the little bogger banged reader-chan without touching her!!!!! Mind blown!!!!!!!!!Wink/Razz ;) (Wink) Nuu B-) (Cool) 
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Did Loki just have magic sex with my back
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more Tony!!! Just kidding but how does this love triangle end? Who does reader-chan end up with?
MadManCosplays Featured By Owner May 18, 2013  Student Writer
*HINT HINT* im thinking of doing alternate endings since it wouldnt be fair to just pick one
Kiara-Ongiri Featured By Owner May 18, 2013  Student Digital Artist
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raegirl1000 Featured By Owner May 18, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
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