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May 13, 2013
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The hallways of the main S.H.I.E.L.D building was boring when everyone was out on a mission. It was just you, Tony and Steve, To be honest you loved their company but hanging around an innocent man older than your mom and a play boy that constantly hit on you wasn't the greatest thing in the world.

"So where's that guy you guys were talking about lately?" You spoke as you entered the area they 'worked' in and by work you mean goof off and get drunk.

Tony eyed you from across the room "When did you find out we captured someone?" He chuckled leaning on the table still gazing you up and down.

Worse day to be wearing a skin tight jump suit

"When you take a vacation and find out your plane has been delayed because of the airport being destroyed and the government saying its terrorist involvement you start too do your research Mr. Stark" You walked over to Steve's side "So can you guys tell me who it is?"

"No" Tony and Steve said in unison.

"If you do not tell me at once I will make your time here a living hell and punish you severely"

"I wouldn't mind that" Tony added

You smirked at Tony the slowly pulled down the zipper on your jump suit just enough for cleavage to show.

"oh really?" You moved Steve's chair out and sat on his lap, You placed your hand on his face slowly and whispered in his ear "You'll tell me right Mr. Rodgers"

His face brightened up and he shook his head

You ran your finger down to his uniform till he finally gave up "HE'S THOR'S EVIL BROTHER THAT IS ALL I CAN TELL YOU MAM"

"Good boy" You patted his head and pulled up your zipper  

Tony leaned back in his chair and whistled "Nice one picking the man boy over there, If you would have picked me you wouldn't be able to walk"

"Is that a challenge Mr. Stark" You questioned

"It depends if you want it to be" He stood and walked over to you

He smirked at you watching as you moved toward the door you turned and looked back at him "Arnt you going to show me where he is Mr. Stark?"

You made your way to the elevator and leaned against the wall "I wonder what that eye patched asshole is hiding from me now"

Tony looked at you in slight surprise "Well look who broke out from her shell"

Rolling your eyes you looked at Tony "This is the only place that doesn't have camera's."

"I know how you feel maybe we have alot of things in common together" Tony put his arm above your head and one hand on your waist "Why don't you come over one day and speak the language of passion together" His eye's widened when he felt something being pressed against his chest

Tony looked down to see you hold a small pistol "Watch where you're pointing that"

You smiled and walked out the elevator "I could say the same thing about you, come on ladies man" He walked in-front of you till he came to a stop.

Sliding his I.D in the lock it clicked open "Ladies first"

You raised a brow and smirked "well arnt you a gentlemen"

Walking in you noticed a large room wait no..more like a box with transparent walls sitting in it was a man hair slicked back with piercing green eyes (or blue whatever your headcanon is)

You held onto the metal railing your eyes never breaking contact the look of sadness and confusion sat in his eyes while adoration filled yours you held your breath as you walked up closer to the box and sat your hand onto the glass "Tony who is this?"

Tony walked up behind you and placed a hand on your shoulder "Just as captain said Thor's brother now come on before he controls your mind"

You could see his mouth moving but heard nothing "Why can't I hear him?"

"He can sneak his way into your head with just a simple word" This voice man you and tony shoot around to see Fury walking up behind you both "I thought I told you to keep Ms. (name) away from here"

"hey hey hey! you know she has her way around words" he laughed putting his hands up in the air as if he was caught “She made Rogers spill”

Nick watched as you made your way to Tony’s side, a grin slapped on your face “Sorry Fury no woman is complete without just a little curiosity” You winked and turned to look into the transparent window one more time before leaving with Tony and Fury

You could see his look of longing as you left his mouth moving but all you heard was silence

When Tony and Fury left you whispered “I’ll be back soon” and quickly dashed to catch up.

After what felt like hours of punishment of doing random paperwork you finally went through your locker to collect your belongings to retire for the night,

Unlike some of the S.H.I.E.L.D workings you had your own personal apartment which you acquired around years of working on research you started as a kid while working with Tony

You and Tony knew each other as children you were that one person he would show all his little inventions too but soon after middle school you both separated Tony would send for you during the Holidays but your research took up most of your time.

when you were 14 he stopped working with DNA and continued on robots

Soon after you graduated from college S.H.I.E.L.D recruited you for your many talents with technology, studies in DNA, biomedical material and Martial Arts

Honest to say you were glad when they knocked on your door.

As always you slipped your key into the apartment door making yourself a cup of tea and shedded your uniform

It was uncomfortable and stuffy but you had to wear it you quickly filled the tub with a lavender bubble bath and laid in it the hot warm easing your tense muscles

The smell enchanted and relaxed you

You look relaxed Misgardian

You shot up out of the water quickly covering your chest and looking around “Who’s there?” Your voice uneasy and slow.

Don't fret my dear it seems we weren't properly introduced today my name is Loki The voice made you shiver slightly in pure lust

But then it dawned on you “You're one in the box aren't you”

“Indeed I am”
HEEEEY so wassup I'm starting this series since i haven't gotten enough comments on my other fanfictions to finish them so i'll be doing this one in my free time
How is it? Comment and tell me!
There is horrible attempt an punctuation but i'll keep trying my best to learn it

Next: [link]

XD I own nothing but the story line
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